About / Experience


I took my first art class while a sophomore at Linfield College, from Professor Ron Mills, and shortly thereafter declared Art as my major.

Below is a listing of some of my early student and professional experiences that has shaped me as an artist.

2000-2003   Created five 450-degree murals while attending Linfield, two of which remain at the Delta Psi Delta house of Linfield College.
2003-2005   Founder/Artist of Aurora Arts and Aaron Schlosberg Fine Arts.

Art in private and commercial collections across United States.
Sculpture “Primordial Escape” invited into the Linfield College permanent collection.

Summer spent studying with flame workers on Mount Hood; add glass flame-working glass to my art-skills portfolio business.

2001-Present   Operated studio spaces in several states for painting, welding and glassblowing in Oregon, Alaska, Washington, Georgia. Frequently these required making special accommodations of work-space such as fire-proofing and ventilation.